… I know that it will be well for those who fear God, who fear Him openly.

Talk with Jesus.
Talk with others about Jesus. How?

What is it?

  • Curious about how to engage more people into spiritual conversations? Ever had the desire to really enhance your relationships with God and others? This is an event that will teach you how to do both through the examples found in the Bible and displayed through Jesus.
  • It’s an interactive presentation to bring people together to help deepen and develop their relationships with God and with others.
  • It’s an invitation to learn and apply Jesus’ most frequently asked question in all of Scripture. You could leave this event forever changed.
  • All insights rooted in the Scriptures!

What’s in it for me?

You will meet new people. You will learn something new and you will benefit in three ways by:

Learning more about Jesus

Learning more about yourself

Learning more about others

Have you ever considered how God chose spoken and written words to impact our lives in significant ways? This message is simple, but not simplistic.

You’ll be able to apply what your learn immediately.

What’s the next step?

  • Select which speaking plan below is best for you and your group.
  • Secure a date.
  • Send in the form and it would be our pleasure to serve you!

Our Speaking Plans

Todd has formatted One Simple Word to fit a wide variety of venues and groups, whether a small study group or a large presentation at a conference, One Simple Word is tailored for your situation.


One Simple Word Message:

  • Learn Jesus’ most frequently asked question in all of Scripture and how to apply it for His glory and your enjoyment
  • Discover how most relationships begin and how you can have relationships that last
  • Learn what repels people most in conversations and communicating
  • And, you will discover the most attractive and magnetic quality someone can have when interacting with others


One Simple Word Series:

4 Messages
  • Message #1: Jesus’ Most Frequently Asked Question
  • Message #2: The First Question Ever Asked
  • Message #3: One Question to Avoid in your relationships with God and others
  • Message #4: Open Question & Answer time and four ways to answer almost any question

Private Events

Private Event Options:

  • OSW message for small group, neighborhood outreach or private home event
  • Learn four ways to answer almost any question Biblically
  • Gospel magic show with Compassion International presentation
  • How to counsel from the Scriptures seminar
Out of 1,000 Protestant Christians polled:
claimed they felt a personal responsibility to share their religious beliefs about Jesus Christ with non-Christians.

had not “shared with someone how to become a Christian” in the past six months.

The One Simple Word team

  • Testimonial

    Todd Sinelli

    Teacher & Trader

    About Todd Sinelli

    The question people always ask me is . . . Are you from Europe? I get asked this all the time. Truth is, yes! I’m half Italian and half Polish and a dual citizen of the US and Italia—

    But, I wish they would ask . . .  Can you tell me the secret to being rich, I mean really rich? And I heard that you do magic, when is the next show?  (Shhh, but visit TheGreatToddini.com)

    I really like to talk about . . . Anything new. New gadgets, new shoes, new restaurants, new insights from life, Scripture, fitness.

    The attribute of Jesus I find most fascinating is . . . He always said the right thing, at the right time, in the right way and with the right timing. Just a delight to study Him as the greatest of . . . everything!

    I have lived and worked in Detroit, Chicago, Northern California, Nantucket, Italy and currently live in Dallas, Texas and it’s been said that I’m educated beyond my intelligence.

    My vocation and avocation merge whenever I am teaching. Psalm 111:2 speaks of the wonders of God and what a delight it is to study Him. Seeing people experience the wonder and awe of God and simply being alive to learn and grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord is, quite simply, magical!

    To learn more:


  • Testimonial

    Colin Lardner

    Investor / Avid Supporter

    About Colin Lardner

    The question people always ask me is . . . Can I have a raise? And, how’s the market?

    But, I wish they would ask . . . Is it true that Donald Trump ask you for spiritual and real estate advice?

    I really like to talk about . . . The Scriptures, theology, what God is doing in our lives and the teachings from Tim Keller.

    The attribute of Jesus I find most fascinating is . . . His love for us and His ascension before the disciples.

    Colin is President of MakingDallasBetter.com. He is involved in any event that makes a project, a place, or a person better in the eyes of God. He uses One Simple Word to deepen and develop his relationship with Jesus and with others. Colin can be seen in the front row of most events and his enthusiasm for life, for God, and for real estate is contagiously refreshing.


  • Testimonial

    Ryan O’Quinn

    Film and Television Actor/Comedian

    About Ryan O’Quinn

    The question people always ask me is . . .What’s it like living in the den of iniquity (Los Angeles)?

    But, I wish they would ask . . . How do you see God moving in the “entertainment capital of the world?”

    I really like to talk about . . . My kids. They crack me up and I have a book coming out about their antics.

    The attribute of Jesus I find most fascinating is . . . How He fully aligns justice and mercy at the same time.


  • Testimonial

    Matthew T Rader

    Photographer / Web Developer

    About Matthew T Rader

    The question people always ask me is . . . How are you doing?

    But, I wish they would ask . . .What’s something interesting you’ve been working on or learned recently?

    I really like to talk about . . . The Bible, photography, art and current events.

    The attribute of Jesus I find most fascinating is . . .  His willingness to suffer and die for the very people that rejected Him. And how He was able to reach people where they were without compromising the truth. 

    Psalm 34:6 This poor man cried, and the LORD heard him and saved him out of all his troubles.

    I’m a Dallas based photographer that has over 5 years of experience of photographing weddings and events. I like to spontaneously take photos, especially of nature, people and everything that relates to them.

  • Testimonial

    Paul Legge

    West Coast OSW Ambassador

    About Paul Legge

    The question I get asked the most is . . . How do I make it with five kids?

    The question I wish people would ask is . . . How did God get you out of debt?

    I really like to talk about . . . money and God and how to manage money well for His glory and His kingdom.

    The attribute of Jesus that I find most fascinating . . . His truth. He speaks truth with perfection and asks amazing questions in order for us to consider, accept, submit and to follow Him.

    I am a follower of Christ, husband, father, paramedic, volunteer pastor, economist, financial advisor and I LOVE to travel.

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